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Hello, Welcome to Ranaonline.us.

Educate yourself for less!!!!---that's what kind of stuff you will find here.
Computer is a mandatory device that is used in every step our life especially in professional field.
Every job you can imagine somehow has something to do with computers.
Prepare yourself for the future by learning computers today for a better tomorrow.

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You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying a computer to become a computer literate or for the computer upgrade. If you never had a PC, its always a good idea to start with something inexpensive. You don't want to spend hundreds on a new computer then mess it up by accident - It happens a lot and most new users do this mistake.

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Then use the rest saved money to learn computers and make yourself better. Prepare yourself for the future advanced computer work field.

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If you already have a computer, don't just let it sit at home. Use it to educate yourself. In today's job market, its very important to have computer knowledge and experience. Learn as much as you can to educate yourself and increase the opportunity to get a better job.

We teach many basic courses to get you started and get going. We also teach many intermediate and advanced courses as well.

Don' waste hundreds of dollars to take a conventional class in college or institution with a classroom full of people. We teach one-to-one session for only $15/session. Learn and ask anything you like without being embarrassed in front of classroom full of people.

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For further info or Question: call (917) 402-8308 or email me at rana_md@yahoo.com

Free Advices Parts & Access.. Current Jobs $15 Comp Courses Computer Repair Cheap Computers Cheap Sec Cam

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