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Advise about Buying a Computer: Ok great, you have some money saved or your parents are willing to buy a Computer. Here is some advice.

First, which Type to buy: Laptop, Desktop, Netbook, Tablet or any other kinds?

Its totally depend on your need not your style. Its wrong to buy a computer for your style unless you have the money to waste. You need a machine that will help you do something. If you are always on the go, You better buy a laptop. If you mostly get job done at home and don't want to waste your hanging out time, Desktop is right for you. If you do normal stuff like browsing. socializing, exploring, typing, etc...laptop is fine. If you do advanced skill stuff that requires your strict attention and a lot of power, Desktop is for you. Of course Laptops are as powerful as desktop but they are not as productive as Desktop.

Its also depend on your budget as well. laptops are more expensive and more costly to get fixed. They tend have more heating issue than desktop. Laptops have limited expandability in term of upgrade and but has the best use portability. So consider the one that suits your budgets.

Which Brand to go for: This is the worst Question you can ask yourself or to anyone anywhere.

Why? Coz no one will tell you the truth. Pick some models you like or can afford. Then do some research with the model number. You will find out easily what could go wrong if you buy that model.

Most of the companies makes good model but all of the models are not always good. HP makes and sells the most famous Pavillion Series Computer but not all Pavillion Series are Good. For example DV9000 an impressive 19" laptop with two hard Drive option Tend to have heating issue very often while Medium size DV4000 don't seems to have the problem.

Heating issue is the biggest problem which cause the laptop Video Chips to fail and it exist in every single brand make computers in USA or anywhere in the world more or less.  So just do a research on the model you like.

Should you buy Warranty: Do you really need to buy warranty?

Before I answer, I should make is clear that this answer is totally based on my own experience since Many Computer professionals will disagree with me.

Yes you must buy warranties for laptop no mater how much you know about them. For, Desktop its not necessary if you are an advanced user.

As I mentioned earlier that Laptops tend to have heating issue which cause the video chips to fail which cause the Motherboard to fail. If motherboard fails, you better buy another laptop instead of fixing it. Most of times, Laptops starts acting up after the first year which is covered by the manufacturer. So, buy an extended warranty of two or more years.