Hyacinth Bean


Pepper Plants  in my Garden

   Pepper Plants are Tropical or Sub-Tropical Plants. They need full sun. They Thrive in the heat. They don't require frequent watering and easy to grow. They won't complain if you just give them the sun. There are hundreds types of Pepper Plants in the world. In Asia we like the hot ones. Naga is one of my favorite since its one of the hottest.

   Pepper is must for South Asian Dishes. Its also eaten with regular meal. They say, its a hunger increaser. In India, we make hundreds types of smashed veggies and one of the key ingredients is this pepper.

   The dried pepper is available in any part of the world. chili powder is produced by grinding the dried pepper. One shouldn't consume too much Chili at once....it could take you to the emergency room if you are not careful about it.

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